"Reservations" / by Adam Horn

Stonewall is going home for Thanksgiving, but is also in the meanwhile cooking up a spare covers EP celebrating Wilco's 20th Anniversary. Wilco will be celebrating with a weeklong residency at the Riviera Theatre in their native Chicago.

This is the first song we finished from that EP, the closer from their album 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.' Like a bunch of Jeff Tweedy songs, 'Reservations' can be read on its own as a beautiful short poem; but then you'd miss the big-hearted almost-country chorus. Don't miss it.

Karl Barth said that whoever has to contend with unbelief should be advised not to take their doubts too seriously; 'only faith is to be taken seriously.' Wilco says something like that here.

For thanks, for faith, and for as few reservations as possible,