Rookin is a five-piece folk-rock band currently based in Brooklyn. The band has toured the East Coast several times and plays often in New York. The last record was debuted on Culture Collide. The band has been featured on Sound of BostonThe Bluegrass SituationInsomnia Radio, and WNPR, Connecticut's public radio station. The group is currently at work on their first full-length record.

 Photo cred. Dan Garber

Photo cred. Dan Garber

Alex Allinson and Joseph Dusenbury tirelessly and ingeniously record, produce, and mix all Rookin material. The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Analog Craftsman, both just past Davis Square, are great helps always in the recording of anything that can't be properly done in Alex and Joe's apartment on Commonwealth Ave.

Graphic designer and full-service digital marketing specialist Adam Forkner, of Zipie Advertising, is responsible for all Rookin's design, and for building a website from scratch, destroying it, and building it again on the third day. Adam can be reached at www.flightplancreative.com.